About VigorIntel

VigorIntel was first created as a craigslist for hire account back in 2015 to gain small project jobs while I was in college. Today, VigorIntel is available to you as a full service virtual assistant.

What make VigorIntel different from other virtual assistant service providers?

  1. VigorIntel is owned an operated by one person, so you will get the same excellent customer service you’ve been looking for without having to rely on different representatives and separate companies.
  2. VigorIntel offers many different services to fill your needs. I offer everything from creative writing and web / logo design to generating reports and research for your business or personal needs.
  3. Choose to buy a single service, multiple one time services or a weekly / monthly package. VigorIntel fits the needs of your small or large project.
  4. Budgeting. I offer hourly rates (block of time), pay per service pricing and plans that will offer you a combination of services for a designated time frame.
  5. Projects done on time, every time – or it’s free.

If you would like more information about pricing, or if you would like a quote for a combination of services, please see the Services page or you can reach me directly at services@vigorintel.com.